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As the Co-Founders Vanessa Harrington and Ann-Margaret Kearney describe it, a frame chain is an accessory you didn’t think you needed until now. Minimalist, season-less, elegant and practical. Frame Chain is redefining fashion and eye wear by bringing back a fashion staple. But those are just a couple of the many reasons why we love it.

There is no way to deny that luxury glasses chains are making a comeback… or did they never leave at all? This ‘eyeccessory’, as the Frame Chain Co-Founders Vanessa and Annie call it, is a trend that had been forgotten, but thanks to their chic and practical designs, this accessory is enjoying a revival.

We know what you might be thinking… Glasses chains have always been associated with grannies, grumpy old teachers and 70s secretaries. But forget about these old connotations, Frame Chains are changing the game. When we first started thinking about incorporating Frame Chains to our unique collection, we were aware they were a fashion risk, but we strongly believe they are a risk worth-taking. You don’t need to be a fashionista to rock these though, its wide range of designs are made to suit everyone’s style. But why not wear them as a statement necklace? The possibilities with these chains are never-ending.

This accessory, inspired by vintage markets around the world have become a fashion favourite for many eye wear lovers. At The Eye Est, we have grown to love them. I mean, aren’t they a genius idea? Why not make your old sunnies or specs look like brand new ones by incorporating these fabulous chains? Voila! It’s a win-win.

Ever since we added them to our collection during our Cèline event last June, our patients have slowly started to love the Frame Chain trend as well. Day after day, we see people walking past our store and abruptly stopping to contemplate them. “Is this a necklace? Is this a glasses chain? I need it!”.

Glasses chains are many people’s new fashion staple. However, the fact that they are in trend and fashionable is not the only thing that brought us to them. We also love its functionality. Have you ever lost, sat, scratched or broken a pair of sunnies or opticals by accident? We are almost certain that if you haven’t, you know someone who has.

This was one of the main reasons why Vanessa and Annie decided to start their Frame Chain journey. Interestingly enough, Annie describes herself as a “regular glasses loser”. So having them hanging around your neck seems like a pretty practical option, isn’t it? Frame chains are made for those who somehow risk losing their glasses if they don’t have them attached to their bodies (we know we do). So what better idea than combining practicality with fashion? And this is how Frame Chain was born.

So just 5 years after the launch of their first debut collection, Frame Chain is now stocked in over 100 stores across the globe. People and world famous celebrities internationally are starting to take on this amazing trend and loving the jewellery inspired designs as much as we do. I mean, how can you not? From beautiful chains made with 18k yellow, rose and white gold to fresh water pearls and limited edition vintage Swarovski crystals… there is something for everyone. And it does not end there; new finishes are constantly added to their unique collection, such as rhodium or enamel. So many choices!

And what about the women behind this enigmatic brand? We like to describe Vanessa and Annie as the Trinny and Susannah of our generation. Annie was the Global Marketing Director of Loewe, while Vanessa has been a textile and jewellery designer, as well as a stylist, for over 9 years. There is no doubt that they have always had an unstoppable force in the business. And what better way to convert their passion into an actual fashion brand? We have a sneaky suspicion that they may have created eye wear history.

Valeria Martinez

Fashion Executive for the Eye Establishment

L-R: Fahmida Kamal Rob, Vanessa Harrington and Ann-Margaret Kearney

L-R: Fahmida Kamal Rob, Vanessa Harrington and Ann-Margaret Kearney