For over 20 years, DITA has earned its reputation as a true leader in optical innovation. At The Eye Establishment, we bet for brands that seek to distinguish themselves from the rest by using the best quality, look and excellent design. This is the reason why DITA has been part of our unique eyewear range from the start.

Founded in 1995, DITA reinvented eyewear by transcending its conventions, creating luxury products ranging from bold frames to timeless shapes through the latest and most innovative technology.

Don’t get it twisted though, the burlesque star Dita Von Teese is not the DITA we are talking about. Even so, she is still pretty cool.

During our numerous trips to Japan, we fell in love with its culture, its people, its delicious coffee (what a coffee!), its innovative technology… Our list of things we love about this amazing country is never-ending. We know what you might be thinking: why are we talking about Japan out of the blue? The answer is simple, DITA is rigorously handmade in Japan.

At The Eye Establishment, we are constantly looking for the highest-quality brands to add to our collection, and if it is manufactured in Japan, it sure is (not biased at all). It is widely known that Japan’s eyewear industry is the best in the world. Every frame is crafted in the most precise and delicate manner, it’s no wonder why a single DITA frame takes months to make.

DITA uses the highest quality materials: 18k gold, white gold (who doesn’t love a bit of gold?) and Japanese titanium. From advanced and innovative ultra-thin Japanese acetates, to stainless-steel metal core lamination technique, the list of innovations in DITA'S eyewear range goes on.

But its material isn’t the only feature we love about DITA. When we first discovered the brand, we couldn’t wrap our heads around how beautiful, elegant and smart their sunglasses and optical designs were. It did not take us much time to realise that DITA was a perfect addition to our special collection.

At The Eye Establishment, you will find frames from the DITA-FEATHERLIGHT collection, which without sacrificing neither strength or durability, weigh up to two times less than traditional acetate frames. You will also find light-weight, extremely thin and durable frames from the DITA-LAMINATE series. For a more classic look, the iconic and timeless style of DITA-STATESMAN's frames is also at your disposition.

We will happily help and advise you when choosing the perfect pair of frames or sunglasses for you. However, keep in mind that whatever frame you choose, its ground-breaking manufacturing technique is like no other.

Just in case we didn’t make it clear enough, we absolutely love this eyewear brand. We trust it, we cherish it, and we wear it. But we are definitely not the only ones. DITA serves the world's most distinguished clientele: from Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez or Lewis Hamilton to Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Anniston or Beyoncé, among many others.

So if you happen to love it as much as we do, why not come by and get your pair?

Visit us at 227-229 Old Brompton Road, London SW5 0EA. 

Or shop online: DITA COLLECTION

Valeria Martinez Fashion Executive for the Eye Establishment